Hotel Repositioning

Hotel repositioning

The correct positioning of a hospitality asset at a particular point in its life cycle is truly a complex process. Constantly changing market factors, including outside economic forces, changes in demand patterns and the competitive pressures, can all influence a property’s success and constantly force the owner to reevaluate his asset’s position.

Based on our client’s goals, we provide the necessary research to assist in the decision making phases, developing a hospitality repositioning plan, and then executing the strategy, whether it be a complete rebranding or simply a light refurbishment. For more information of our worrk follow our Facebook page.

  • Identification of current and desired hotel market segments
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommended improvements focusing on the hotel’s competitive edge
  • Costing of any renovations or operating changes required
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Brand/affiliation selection
  • Forecasted operating results