We at Hotel Experts know what your challenges as an owner or manager of a hotel are, thanks to our years of experience in the hotel business. Our mission is to offer you the most effective and personalized solution as a different expert point of view.

Together we can make your business successful in each aspect!

Our professional services


Аsset Management 

If you need to build a comprehensive business concept of hotel assets, to optimize revenue and costs of existing properties, to make a market re-positioning, to build a corporate identity, to select a franchise partner or operator, the team of professionals of Hotel Experts will find cost effective and creative solutions to each individual challenge.


Operations & Management

Operational management requires careful consideration of day-to-day operations of the business, planned budget analysis, cash flow analysis, forecasting, marketing and sales management, human resources management, so we can be sure that the hotel is managed efficiently. Our in-depth experience gives us an unique perspective in identifying opportunities for our clients.


Sales & Marketing

Marketing is a multi-faceted discipline that includes research, strategic positioning, direct sales, advertising, promotion, public relations, e-commerce and distribution. Whether pre-opening, brand transition or active operations, our consultants are available to help your hotel achieve a sustainable financial success and image.


Custom Solutions

Every situation is different and needs an individual approach. Whether it’s optimizing your financial results, solving staff problems or dealing with unforeseen events, our team can quickly come up with the right solution for your case.

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