Emerging Incentive Destinations in New Europe That You Should Visit in 2020

Top 10 Incentive Locations

Throughout the year, the Kongres Magazine team visits and compares individual meeting destinations within the MTLG – Meetologues project. At the request of readers, they have selected some destinations that they heartily recommend you visit in 2020. They are all lesser-known and therefore less crowded than the more famous and notorious incentive destinations. Their genuine hospitality is impressive and they are expecting you with their excellent event planning infrastructure.

1.Velingrad, Bulgaria

Nature has been truly generous in Velingrad and its surroundings as it has created picturesque natural scenery topped off with more than 70 mineral hot springs. Everything is in place and ready even for the most demanding incentive organisers. The structure of hotels, which can compete with the best in Europe, is also appropriate. In addition, the prices of services are really competitive. The most beautiful things are sometimes invisible to the eye. And when we do discover them, our eyes sparkle and our heart is lifted. Velingrad is such a destination – well-known to Bulgarians, but still undiscovered international meeting scene.

2.Tivat, Montenegro

In terms of natural and cultural factors, this destination is rightfully at the forefront of Adriatic meeting destinations. Following some large investments, Tivat has thus won a place among the leading tourist destinations of the region. The Regent Porto Montenegro, an exceptional marina with an ample supply of additional services, and a wide range of incentive programmes are the assets of this destination. That is also why Tivat offers a serious alternative to the more notorious Dubrovnik.

3.Zlatibor, Serbia

Most tourists come to Zlatibor for its beautiful nature, which can be an excellent starting point for the organisation of incentive programmes. The incredibly hospitable Serbians are one of the assets of the tourist offer of Serbia in general and Zlatibor in particular. This story includes a broad hospitality offer. Throughout the season, meeting guests are unlikely to be bored during their stay. So Zlatibor could be a Balkan incentive diamond in the rough.

4.Pula, Croatia

Foodies have long been aware that, thanks to its climatic peculiarities, Istria is an outstanding olive-growing, winemaking and altogether culinary area. The heart of the action is in and around Pula, which is not famous for its legendary amphitheatre alone but also for its developed incentive services. The range of activities on offer is very wide, just like hotel accommodation, which is united under the company Arenaturist.

5.Prekmurje, Slovenia

The range of incentive services in Prekmurje has seen extremely rapid progress in recent years. Besides the Prekmurian hosts, whose superb hospitality is impressive, the region’s gastronomic potential has become increasingly refined as well. There are plenty of ideas for setting up incentive programmes of variable durations. They just seem to be waiting to be discovered by event planners. You will hardly be disappointed by Prekmurje. It’s recommended a visit before throngs of tourists take it over.

6.Kormend, Hungary

Western Hungary is a frequently overlooked destination within Hungary. Szombathely is the capital of Vas County. As the regional centre, it offers a series of additional options for carrying out incentive programmes. The region is famous for its rich cuisine and mineral hot springs. Fans of culinary incentive programmes will not run out of ideas. It’s recommended you choose the specialised Mjus Resort for your event.

7.Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are many competitive advantages to the development of meeting tourism in Mostar, such as its diverse and high-quality product mix, its good value for money, and, last but not least, its cuisine. Its stunning setting is the final touch but in terms of prices and the locals’ hospitality Mostar is one of the most competitive potential meeting destinations of the region. This historical town with a pleasant Mediterranean climate is a dormant meeting destination for now.

8.South Styria, Austria

The winemaking region of South Styria is a representative example of a land that lives and breathes wine tourism. Located just over 40 minutes from Graz, the region is famous for its dry white wines as well as some of the best Austrian winemakers set on extraordinary wine roads. So there is no shortage of wine cellars, pubs and wineries in the region. In the middle of this oenological paradise, in the town of Ehrenhausen, the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort Südsteiermark, considered one of the best incentive hotels of the region, has found its place.

9.Mali Lošinj Island, Croatia

Mali Lošinj has been appreciated since Austro-Hungarian times as the island with the most salubrious climate for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Following some extensive investments into its hotel infrastructure, Mali Lošinj became one of the islands with exceptional incentive potential. Its soothing natural environment – with the sea to one side and pine forests to the other – is the ideal combination for team activities. Coupled with the large investments made by the company Jadranka hoteli, it gets a top-class incentive destination.

10.Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Goriška brda is passionate, energetic and brimming with elemental vibrancy. If you want to be in touch with earth and nature, you will be as close to that as it gets in the heady Brda region. A boutique incentive destination second to none in Slovenia, the Brda region offers an authentic experience for smaller groups, not least thanks to the locals, who cherish spontaneity, intuition, and positive energy. The natural and cultural heritage as well as the enogastronomic offer provide the basis of the product mix. 

Article by Gorazd Čad

Emerging Incentive Destinations That You Should Visit In Visit In 2020